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Letter Quiz - an alphabet tracing game for kids learning ABCs
Brief Description:Letter Quiz is the best way to learn the English Alphabet with over 10,000 copies being purchased by schools. Four different games for every stage of
Category: Educational, Kids, Family
Seller:Lawrence Ingraham
Current Version:2.3.1
Size:22.88 MB
Current Version Rating:4.00 stars, 68 ratings
All Versions Rating:4.00 stars, 442 ratings
Letter Quiz is the best way to learn the English Alphabet with over 10,000 copies being purchased by schools. Four different games for every stage of learning; flashcards, identification, matching and handwriting. Designed for kids but great for all ages. - What People Are Saying: "I think this Letter Quiz is an awesome app. I downloaded the free version and my son was begging for the full version. That's when you know its a good one. So I downloaded the full version and he worked on his letters for an hour. As a parent, I am so happy that he loves it and he is learning." "My 2 year old daughter loves this app. Initially the app had only recognizing the alphabets now it also features writing. My daughter didn't have any interest to write alphabets on paper but when she saw the app, she learned to write in a few days. On the whole excellent app recommend the full version to all parents with little children." Four great games to develop your skills: - ABC Flashcards to get started recognizing letters The uppercase and lowercase versions of each letter is shown on a card. Tapping on the card flips it over to reveal an object starting with the letter while a voice announces the letter and the objects. Use app settings to play in random order for a change of pace. - Letter Identification to test knowledge Multiple letters are shown on the screen and a voice requests you to touch a specific letter. If you touch the right letter, an object is shown starting with that letter, then it moves to the next letter. Get through all 26 letters and you win! Use app settings to play in random order or hide the hints to make the game more difficult. - Matching uppercase and lowercase letters The top shows letters in uppercase. The bottom shows letters in lowercase. Draw a line between the two letters matching uppercase and lowercase to get to the next level. Enable random order in app settings for even more challenge. - Alphabet Tracing to practice handwriting Each letter is presented full screen with dotted lines shown to guide you through writing the letter. As you trace with your finger, fun sounds play along the line. After each letter is finished they are combined on a blackboard with your full alphabet. You can choose between uppercase and lowercase letters or play in random order by enabling them in the app settings. Complete all 26 letters to unlock the fireworks celebration with exploding letters and music! Special Features: - Universal app plays natively on iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch - Kid protected section for adjusting settings, no external links without a parent - Includes both Uppercase and Lowercase letters, enabled in settings - Localized for US and non US pronunciation for the letter Z ("zed" vs "zee") - Teacher mode allows parents to pick individual letters to trace, enabled in settings - Disable swiping to advance Flashcards for younger players Connect with us for feature suggestions or bug reports: On the web: http://TantrumApps.com/contact On Facebook: http://facebook.com/TantrumApps On Twitter: http://twitter.com/TantrumApps
What's New in Version 2.3.1:
2.3 Update: - Lowercase Letters! Just tap "Play Again in Lowercase" after you finish tracing, or turn them on and off in the app settings - Added a prompt before exiting letter tracing to avoid accidental taps on the home button, especially for left handed kids. - Much faster drawing on all devices, especially older devices running iOS 7. - Fixed a few bugs with strange lines being drawn on letter tracing. - Fixed a bug where Letter Matching could remove lines if connecting from top to bottom, then bottom to top. 2.3.1 Update: - Fixed a bug with Letter Tracing where lowercase letters a, b, d and y were not displaying properly on devices with 3.5" screens. - Fixed a bug with Letter Tracing where stray lines may be created after each line. - Fixed a bug with Letter Matching where lines may disappear if player drew their lines too fast. - Made the parental gate stronger to require adult to enter their age every time, keeping kids in the app and out of trouble. Thanks for the great feedback! We're listening and love making improvements. Our kids play our apps too, so we want them to be the best.